Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Detection of Epithelial-To-Mesenchymal Transition

R&D Systems now offers a Human EMT 3-Color Immunocytochemistry Kit (Catalog # SC026). The kit contains three fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies that can be used together for single-step immunocytochemical assessment of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT). EMT is a mechanism by which cells shed their epithelial characteristics and acquire more migratory mesenchymal cell-like properties. This process is essential for embryonic development and wound healing, but is also involved in cancer metastasis. The antibodies included in the kit are NorthernLights 637-conjugated anti-human E-Cadherin, NorthernLights™ 493-conjugated anti-human Vimentin, and NorthernLights 557-conjugated anti-human Snail. Snail is a transcription factor that acts as a master regulator of EMT, while E-Cadherin and Vimentin serve as epithelial and mesenchymal markers, respectively.

Detection of EMT in TGF-beta 1-treated Human Lung Carcinoma Cells using the Human EMT 3-Color Immunocytochemistry Kit. A549 human lung carcinoma cells were either untreated (A) or treated with Recombinant Human TGF-beta 1 (Catalog # 240-B) for 48 hours (B ). The cells were analyzed for an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) by simultaneously staining with antibodies contained in the Human EMT 3-Color Immunocytochemistry Kit (Catalog # SC026 ), including NorthernLights 637-conjugated anti-human E-Cadherin (pseudo-colored gray), NorthernLights 493-conjugated anti-human Vimentin (green), and NorthernLights 557-conjugated anti-human Snail (red). Induction of EMT following TGF-beta 1 treatment was revealed by down-regulation of E-Cadherin and concurrent up-regulation of Vimentin and Snail.

For more information on products for EMT research, please visit our website at www.RnDSystems.com/go/EMT

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